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The responsibility of Suiker Unie starts with the growing and purchasing of sugar beet. In the Netherlands, sugar beet is grown by approximately 10,000 growers on 70,000 hectares of land. The sugar beet growers are represented in the cooperative.

Suiker Unie closely cooperates with them through a national network of field staff members. This is how we optimize sugar beet growing and reduce the pressure on the environment. As a result, we achieve two things at the same time: a healthy, vital crop and a minimum impact on the environment.

In the growing process, attention is paid to:

  • High quality of beet seed
  • Maximum sugar yield per hectare
  • Fertilisation tailored to the needs: minimum use of fertilizers
  • Minimum use of plant protection products
  • Reduction of the quantity of soil adhering to the sugar beet
  • Optimum transport and logistics

Suiker Unie and its sugar beet growers cooperate in these areas with the IRS. This is the knowledge and research centre for sugar beet growing in the Netherlands. Furthermore, we give farm-specific information and advice, amongst others through the Unitip online system.